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Artur Berry

It was a long drive to Berthas beach, but it was well worth it. We could have spent the whole day just watching them move about. There are 100's of them and they just move around, in groups, by themselves, and when they head to the water. Some just hung out at the waters edge and some went into the water. If you like watching Penguins, you'll love Berthas beach. I would go back there.

Terry Man

We went to a private reserve area which took about 2 hours from the port. It was over an hour 4 x4 driving on an unpaved or unimproved road but nice ride in a landrover 4 runner. There were only about 4 of us visiting the elephant seals and then the penguins so no crowds and we could get close while still giving the animals appropriate space. Nice guides/drivers. We did this as a cruise stop and it was much cheaper than anything there ship offered. I recommend this tour to see both Seals and penguins we highly recommend booking with premium penguin tours


A real adventure in 4x4 vehicles winding through the rugged Falklands landscape. Discovering the picturesque and secluded Kelp Point, home to a growing elephant Seal colony and a established Gentoo rookery.

Jane Joe

We had booked Premium Penguin tours for the day and this was our first stop We had a fantastic time here. The Elephant seals are huge and they took us to see them in a number of different locations around the beach. The scenery was stunning. The off road driving to get us to some of these places was tremendous

Christie Wiggins

We chose to do this tour whilst on a cruise stop in Stanley. We are so happy we made this choice. A small group overall, and then even more personal with only 4 people per 4x4 vehicle. An off-road trip that was so much fun, and allowed us to see some of the more remote scenery. Elephant seals and penguins were mentioned in the tour description and was it true - yes, yes, yes. Unbelievable to get so close to the elephant seals at one beach, and then get close to a gentoo penguin colony at another beach (we were given a briefing on safe distances to view the seals and the penguins) Both stops were long enough to just sit and take it all in, which was fantastic. Our guide/driver was super informative and had a great sense of humour which also really added to the tour. This is an exclusive tour run by Premium Penguin Tour's, and we recommend it to anyone wanting an adventure and a look at wildlife in a totally unspoilt and respectful way.


We stopped in Stanley on a cruise and chose an excursion to Kelp Point, as it sounded like it would be an adventure. It was. We left Stanley and drove through East Falkland for quite a while before taking a left up a hill and off road. We had a nice drive past streams and inlets and many MANY sheep!
When we finally arrived at the beach area we saw many elephant seals sunning themselves and going in and out of the water. We even saw some young males sparring. It was incredibly beautiful and amazing to be so close to those amazing animals.
After spending time with the seals, we got back in the 4x4 and our guide drove us to a white sandy beach with a large gentoo penguin colony. The penguins were walking back & forth to the beach, getting food for their babies. It was amazing. Hopefully as this spot gains popularity, the people respect the animals and the animals stay wild.


Beautiful beach that could quite possibly be in the Caribbean, sand is white and thecsea is a tropical view. Very lucky to go when the sea was calm and was, sky cloudless. Gentoo penguins were coming home, arriving in dribs and drabs from the sea, amazing to see in their own little habitat.


What a great day we had at Bertha’s Beach with Premium Penguin Tours. He is a lovely man and so knowledgeable about the Falkland Islands and it’s history, which helped to make the day so special. The penguins at Bertha’s Beach were just amazing and being able to walk amongst them was very special.